Thimble Islands Ferry Service
Dock/Boat Phone: 203-483-6659                                                                                       Office: 203-889-8365
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About Us
The Thimble Islands Ferry Company is a small family  business in Branford, CT owned and operated by Bill and Jenny Smith.  Bill is a US Coast Guard certified captain and holds a 100 ton master's license.  
Our Boats
The Adriaen B is a 26-foot double-ender whale boat originally serving as tender to a US Naval ship. She is Coast Guard certified for 14 passengers and one captain. Her name honors Dutch explorer Adriaen Block, who is credited with the discovery of the Thimble Islands and Block Island, RI. Half the vessel is covered and protected from wind.

The Hendrick, in honor of Adriaen's fellow captain, is a 27-foot Carolina Skiff  certified for 14 passengers. It is mostly uncovered and is wheelchair accessible.

Our Captains
We are fortunate to have a team of experienced captains including Bob Lillquist, Phil Brencher, Jim Robinson, Jeff Weber, Dave Atkinson and Martha Ifkovic.  All of our captains hold US Coast Guard master 's licenses.
Our Service
Transportation for islanders and their visitors: 
Our priority is providing prompt and reliable service to and from the islands. No reservations needed for  individuals and groups under 8 traveling on our regular schedule. After-hour/off-schedule trips can be arranged by reservation.  Riders may request a pick-up from the islands by calling the boat phone 20 minutes before the hour: 203-483-6659.

Deliveries are available from several local business (see "Local Services" page for details). Daily or seasonal newspaper deliveries are arranged through Stony Creek Market and will be delivered on the first morning run. $10 flat fee for all deliveries. 

Public trips to Outer Island:
The public is welcome to ride on any of our regularly scheduled trips to and from Outer Island. Fare is $7.50 each way. Visitors to Outer Island are encouraged to visit or the Friends of Outer Island website for information:  Large groups are asked to call ahead for availability. 
Student Trips to Outer Island and Horse Island:
We are happy to accommodate student groups to Outer Island and Horse Island. Coordinators are asked to call ahead to make reservations.  We will schedule these trips around our regular runs. The student group rate is $6/student each way; groups are asked to present payment on the day of travel. 

Public Boat Tours:
Passengers seeking narrated and chartered tours around the area should contact one of the tour boat companies:
        The Sea Mist :; 203-488-8905
        The Volsunga:; 203-481-3345
        The Islander: 203-433-2231
If space is available, we are glad to have the public "ride along" on our regularly-scheduled trips. The charge is $15, and the route will depend on our daily schedule. 

Weddings and Parties:
We gladly accommodate  transportation for weddings, parties, and events throughout the season. We can arrange for our second boat to carry additional passengers if necessary. Deposit required for reservation of 20+ passengers.

Garbage Pick-Up
​We also provide a small boat and crew for garbage pick-up on the islands Mondays and Thursdays. Any additional requests for garbage and/or recycling pick-up can be arranged by calling the office 203-889-8365,