Thimble Islands Ferry Service
Dock/Boat Phone: 203-483-6659                                                                                       Office: 203-889-8365
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Delivery Services
Meats, groceries, platter, prepared meals, and catering
Phone: 203-453-4849 

Stony Creek Market
Newspapers, deli, bakery, pizza, catering
Phone: 203-488-0145

Stony Creek Package Store
Ice, Soft Drinks, Spirits
Phone: 203-488-3318

Sea Suds Laundry
Wash-dry-fold, Dry Cleaning: pick-up/delivery
24-hour turn-around available
Phone: 203-481-0418 (Contact Marybeth)
Address: 202 S Montowese St. Branford, CT
The Marketplace at Guilford Food Center
We are happy to arrange deliveries for any business willing to deliver goods to the town dock during our regularly scheduled trips. Please contact them directly to place your order and notify us by email or phone.  Delivery rate is $10.

Scheduled seasonal newspaper deliveries can be arranged through Stony Creek Market.
The Thimbleberry
Casual dining: breakfast, sandwiches, chowder, drinks, ice cream, etc
Address: 4 Indian Point Rd (at Stony Creek dock)
Phone: 203-481-2836

Home Rentals
For information on home rentals in the Thimble Islands, see the listings below. Please contact the owners directly for details and reservations. We are happy to arrange your transportation to and from the rental.

Pot Island
Jay Brown (3 bedroom)

Jeff Lund (11 bedroom Inn)

Money Island
Marvinsmith (3 bedroom)

La Cuisine
Catering and meal delivery; small and large events
Phone: 203-488-7100

Wedding Photography: Angelo Granell